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Looking for a way to get straigther teeth in less time than traditional braces? Fast Braces may be the best option for you. No risk, quick, and a comfortable process--find out more!

How are Fast Braces different than traditional braces?

  • Fast Braces use a traingular bracket versus the traditional square bracket; this patented design allows for movement of the crown and the root of the teeth simultaneously.
  • This system utilizes a nickel-titanium wire that is activated by the heat of the mouth and begins to upright the root from the beginning of the treatment.
  • This wire is typically the only wire used from start to finish, whereas traditional braces require a series of wires and tightening procedures.
  • The new technology allows for safe, quick and comfortable movement of the teeth.

Dr. Osborne can determine if Fast Braces are the right choice for you by beginning with an orthodontic consultation. Dr. Osborne takes his time with explaining your treatment plan and the steps that will be taken for the entire procedure; he also takes before and after pictures to show the overall movement of the teeth and the progress that was made. Stop by or call our office for any inquiries!

For more information, please visit www.fastbraces.com.

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