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Legacy Ranch Dental explains what are dental sealants?

Dental sealants act as a barrier to prevent cavities. More specifically, dental sealants are liquid coatings that harden on the chewing surfaces of teeth. The pits and grooves of teeth make them a prime area for decay, bacteria and other debris. Even brushing sometimes doesn't reach specific spots.

Even if a cavity is accidentally covered by a dental sealants, the decay won't spread because it's sealed off from food and bacteria.

Frisco dentist explains how dental sealants are applied at Legal Ranch Dental

Frisco dentist explains how dental sealants are applied at Legal Ranch Dental

At Legacy Ranch Dental, dental sealants are a painless dental treatment. After a thorough dental cleaning with our dental hygienist, Dentist Dr. Osborne paints them onto your enamel where it bonds directly to your tooth and hardens. A warm light source is then directed to the sealant for faster drying. It takes only a few minutes and it's done. Dental sealants can protect your teeth from decay for up to ten years. With regular dental check-ups, your dentist can check for chipping or wearing. Even though dental sealants were developed about 50 years ago, they weren't widely used till the 70s. Children at the time were great candidates for this type of cavity protection and it was used as preventative dentistry.

Are you a candidate for dental sealants at Legacy Ranch Dental?

Typically, at our Frisco dental practice we see many children from about 6 to 14 years old that come in for dental sealants since their cavity-prone. We place the dental sealants in their permanent molars and pre-molars. However, some adults come in to protect themselves from further decay. While others who've been lucky and not had fillings, dental sealants can help them keep it that way. In the end, dental sealants are another tool in armor against poor dental health and periodontal disease.

If you think you're a good candidate for dental sealants, visit Dr. Osborne and the entire Legacy Ranch Dental for a consultation. Dr. Osborne earned his doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston. He's a former Board of Directors of the Greater Houston Dental Society and holds an MBA in healthcare Administration, so you know you'll be taken care of. The Legacy Dental Ranch dental practice promotes comfortable dentistry throughout all of our dental treatments.

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