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Frisco's Legacy Ranch Dental explains what dentures are

Dentures are removable replacement teeth and their surrounding tissues. Frisco dentist Dr. Osborne offers complete dentures when all teeth are missing and partial dentures when only a few natural teeth have fallen out. Complete dentures are placed about 8 to 12 weeks after natural teeth have been removed since gum tissue has to heal first. Just like your natural teeth, dentures need to be kept clean and healthy. Since an unclean or malformed denture can cause infections and irritation.

Frisco dental practice explains how dentures are made

Frisco dental practice explains how dentures are made

At Legacy Ranch Dental in Frisco, Texas, we first make impressions of your jaw and take measurements. We then create denture models in the exact shape and position for your mouth. Then dentures are assessed for color, shape and fit before a final denture is made. They'll first feel odd until you learn to keep them in place and feel more comfortable with them.

At first, you may experience minor irritation or soreness but these issues will disappear once you become more use to having dentures in your mouth. You may also feel that you suddenly have more saliva flow, this too shall change once dentures become part of you.

Frisco dentist Dr. Osborne explains how to properly clean dentures

At Legacy Ranch Dental, we recommend that you rinse and brush your dentures after every meal. At nighttime, when the day is over and you're heading to bed, you should soak them in a denture solution overnight. By not having them in your mouth for eight hours a night, you're allowing your gums to breathe. Over time, you'll need to get them professionally cleaned by a dentist like Dr. Osborne which will use a powerful ultrasonic cleaner to remove tartar. Continue reading below for denture cleaning technique:

  • To brush your dentures, you can use soap and water or a slightly abrasive toothpaste. You can also try dentures paste and creams to see if you'd prefer it
  • Avoid using highly abrasive chemicals or vigorously brushing with hard bristled toothbrushes because they can scratch or even crack your dentures
  • When cleaning your dentures, hold them gently to avoid loosening a tooth
  • Use tepid or warm water, since hot water can warp your dentures
  • Soak dentures overnight with products like Efferdent or Polident, remember to rinse before putting back into your mouth
  • Use a separate toothbrush to clean your natural teeth and gum tissues

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