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Frisco dentist explains dental x rays and what they're used for

At Legacy Ranch Dental, we use dental x-rays to help find diseases of the teeth and surrounding tissue that can't be seen through our oral exam. Dental x-rays also help us to catch the disease in its early stages, before it fully develops which helps minimize cost for future dental treatments.

When x-rays are done, more of them are absorbed by the denser parts such as teeth and bone than soft tissue like cheeks and gums before striking the film. So teeth appear lighter and cavities and gum disease appear darker because of more x-ray penetration. This allows Frisco dentist Dr. Osborne to detect hidden abnormalities.

What dental problems can x-rays detect?

What dental problems can x-rays detect?
  • Decay that's not visible to the human eye, especially between teeth
  • Decay under an existing filling
  • Reveal changes in bone or in root canal due to infection
  • Reveal an abscess, an infection at the root of the tooth or between gum and tooth
  • Reveal cysts and some types of tumors
  • For children, dental x-rays help check for development of wisdom teeth
  • For children, helps determine if there's enough space to fit incoming teeth

How often should you get dental x-rays?

Frisco's Legacy Ranch Dental suggests you see your dentist at least every 6 months which means you should get x-rays twice a year. If you're a new patient at Legacy Ranch Dental, we suggest you do dental x-rays even if you've had them not long ago. We want to make sure we know the condition of your dental health and mouth before we start any dental treatment.

It's important to recognize that each patient is different and has a unique set of needs. If you're at risk for any disease or have any symptoms that occur in between dental appointments, you should definitely come in for dental x-rays since you might have a new cavity or progressing gum disease. Children generally need more dental x-rays than adults, since their teeth and jaw are still developing. Decay is also more popular with children.

If you're looking to get dental x-rays, visit us at Legacy Ranch Dental today!

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